Traverus Travel – Is Success With Traverus a Dream Or a Nightmare?

Traverus Travel (formerly known as TravelWorks) is 27-year old Travel Agency that established a network marketing “division” in November 2006. tudjononrolavilag Here we will take an unbiased look behind the scenes of Traverus so that if you are considering the travel industry as a business opportunity, your will have the facts about Traverus.

The Good:

TraVerus Travel (the “corporate arm” of the company ) turizmuskartya is a full service travel corporation. It operates a discount cruise division as well as a retail travel agency. The company is bonded and approved by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), fa-ipar the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).

As a member of Traverus, you have;


  • A web site where people can book flights and vacations, jatek-varazs for which you receive a commission.
  • Access to “member only” trips, vacations and cruises with specialty pricing.
  • The opportunity to “invite” others to join the business, for which you are compensated for.


You can also become a Traverus kiegeszit-o Travel Certified Travel Agent that may give you other discounts and “perks” available only to travel agents.

If you like the travel business, nyilas-zarora and want to work with a company that has evolved from the traditional the “brick and mortar” agency of years ago to an “on line” presence in the travel world, Traverus looks very promising.

The Bad:

The strengths of Traverus’ 27 year history is also its’ “Achilles heel”. The old timers were very much “friends and family” type organization, ruha-lak and unfortunately Traverus still “preaches” this to its reps. To think you can just give a business card to your friends and family, and they will flock to you web site and spend their money is simply a dream that will soon be a nightmare. With all the competition around for those vacation dollars, your friends and family may love you, but they love their hard earned money even more!

You have spent your money joining the company and you are spending money every month to maintain you web site. Now it’s time to treat this like a business and spend some money to get some professional marketing training.

In Conclusion:

Understanding marketing is more than just talking to someone and asking to go to your web site, or join your company. When you understand this, and master those marketing techniques, then the dream of a successful venture with Traverus is certainly possible. Without professional training those dreams will certainly turn into nightmares. Fore more info please visit here:-


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