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Julius Caesar was questioned by one of the ministers,” Why are you planning to entrust the power in the hands of Romans?” He quipped “Let Rome follow the voice of its citizens and the world will follow Rome.” That is the story of web 2.0 – The power to change is in the hands of the people. Lifes Vitals

Web & Web 2.0

The advent of internet and its ramifications on our lives is still being digested and analyzed after all these years. The scepticisle Meanwhile, this baby has grown into a charismatic adult. All of us are aware of the concept and impact of Web in our daily lives but what is this new version of Web? Why is it called web 2.0? Is there a Web 3.0 also in the pipeline? Why is it creating so much buzz in the social, economic, and tech circles?

The readers & viewers of the yesteryears have become the contributors, collaborators, and the knowledge centers of the Web 2.0 era. You guessed right, there is a talk of Web 3.0 also, but its characteristics are nebulous at the moment. As is true with any social platform, if the baton of power is passed on to the people, it creates ripples. Inside the story The Web 2.0 consumers have become more powerful than any union and their collective voice can be a nemesis as well as an advertising bonanza for any corporate empire. Mega News Web

Tools for the Entrepreneur – courtesy Web 2.0

Are you able to keep track of your small business? Managing your finances? Business networking? Do you have a marketing strategy? – The Web 2.0 tools provide a simple, easy to use, and economically viable solution to your entrepreneurial needs. The most reliable tools in the marketplace are given below –

Finances, Money Management, Payments

The following apps can take the headache of managing the financial nuances – Prosper, Dimewise, NetworthIQ, Wesabe, Instacalc.

Timesheets, Invoicing, Billing

Freshbooks, Harvest, SidejobTrack – These apps will give you the time needed for strategic planning. Optimum Traders

Communication & Collaboration

These Web Applications will handle the integral pieces of conferencing, team work collaboration, voice & text communication, and workspace sharing – Campfire, Meebo, Userplane, Concept-share, Near-time. Flex electricians


The following apps would manage your schedules, itineraries, deadlines if you cannot afford a personal secretary – Google Calendar, Remember the Milk, Neptune

Networking, Social Spaces

Every entrepreneur needs to network with peers and established market leader for spreading the word and to reach out to the clientele. Real roles They can utilize these Web 2.0 tools – LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning

Content Creation, Office & Productivity Tools

These tools will help in maintaining records, hard copies, document management, backups etc. – Zoho, Thinkfree, MyStickies, EyeOS

Promotion, Marketing, Sales & Support

Start-up Entrepreneurs cannot afford the ad agencies for creating brand equity, and marketing campaign – So, what do they do? Utilize the following tools – Veetro, Google Adsense, Ebay, and Qoop. For more info please visit these sites:-https://www.top10guide.de/ http://e-nail.com/ https://watchcomedy.live/


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