Vacation Club Stereotype Exposed – Outdoor Adventures Feature Yearly Savings in the Thousands!

Let’s briefly examine John’s misconception of a vacation club. John planted in his head the delusion that a vacation club features only tour packages to hotels or resorts at various destinations, trips to Las Vegas, cruises to the Caribbean, etc. But John, the avid hunter and fisherman, topellicottcitydentists discovered something that forever BROKE this vacation club stereotype… a bear hunt in Saskatchewan, wilderness fishing in Alaska, and fly-in fishing in Ontario.

Looks more like the the category of outdoor adventures clubs… doesn’t it?

Surprised? Don’t be. The best vacation club SURPASSES anything you have ever imagined. It should also fall under the grouping of outdoor adventure clubs. Let’s study how a vacation club offers more than just a number of four- and five-star hotel and resort packages in the U.S. and all over the world.

You will learn that the best vacation club also offers exciting outdoor adventures, new-smile-today including scenic fishing destinations and quality hunting grounds. And generous discounts thrive all around you. We now journey into the world of outdoor vacations. Here’s three examples:

All-inclusive wilderness fishing at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge — 5 days and 4 nights

Nested in the rain forest of Prince of Wales Island and 35 minutes from Ketchikan in Southeast Alaska, meetyou the upscale Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge twice achieved “Alaska Lodge of the Year.” Fishing opportunities abound… exceptional saltwater and freshwater fly-in fishing. Explore the 23 lakes, rivers and streams that await the freshwater enthusiast… Cutthroat trout, Steelhead, Dolly Varden, etc.

But don’t stop here, sportsmen. Be prepared to catch the saltwater variety… Chinook salmon, Silver salmon, Pink salmon, Alaska Halibut, Rockfish, etc.

One important piece of information, this great-escape package provides all saltwater and freshwater equipment, in addition to professional guides. And the vacation features five-course gourmet dining, beer and wine.

Each guest SAVES $1,880 off the CHEAPEST online price.

Canada Bear and & Bird Hunt at Outfitters Private Lodging — 7 days and 6 nights

Bordering the Saskatchewan prairies and the forested Canadian Shield, Ciberseguridad en Colombia this hunting ground CREATES the perfect habitat to harbor giant whitetail deer and produce massive-bodied black bear.

The Mississippi flyway flows straight through the hunting area, attracting flocks of hundreds to thousands of lesser and greater Canadian geese, all phases of snow geese, and numerous species of ducks. Hunters can also track the plentiful upland game birds. The availability of the game variety varies depending on the time of year.

The outfitter provides experienced guides to lead the way, Maui waterfalls and the vacation package includes all home-cooked meals each day. Couples SAVE $2,900 off the LOWEST online price.

Archery Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt in Harveyville, Kansas — 8 days and 7 nights

Located on 20,000 acres of scattered privately owned grounds of small grain fields bordered by heavily timbered creeks and prairie pastures create the perfect setting to hunt bucks in the 140 to 160 class. The outfitter pre-scouts the area for top-quality deer. And according to the outfitter, The Wedding Planner the trophy potential far exceeds leaving the scene empty-handed.

Rustic lodging awaits you in downtown Harveyville, located within 30 minutes of the hunting grounds. Additional bunk room and kitchen create a spacious area to stretch out. The vacation features three home-cooked meals per day and includes all transportation to the hunting area. And you SAVE $1,900 per person off the LOWEST online price.

Vacation club member Jim Kirkpatrick reached his daily limit during his three-day adventure. He hunted for pheasants in South Dakota. “We got our limit out of what I would call ‘swarms of pheasants,'” Jim says. 8811

Jim lodged at the Pheasant Phun, just north of Mitchell, South Dakota. He plans to return soon for more pheasant hunting. The vacation cost him $479, and he points out that the regular price rose to over $1,000 per person.

So like John, I perhaps caught you by surprise. IMAGINE traveling on a vacation club adventure similar to those I described in Alaska, Canada, 1185 and yes… even Kansas. Turn your dream into a reality.


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