Soak Off Gel Polish – The New Frontier in Salon Services

About once every decade or so, someone comes up with an amazing, brilliant yet simple idea. A defining moment in human history, where inspiration and creativity, frontiernews join to bring forth a potential and significant product or change that everyone seems to be talking about. CND’s Shellac is one such product.

Shellac for those who have been living under a rock for the past four months is a combination of a gel nail enhancement and nail lacquer (polish) which leaves clients with a manicure which can last a long as 14 days and still look beautiful without chipping or scratching.

Spas and salons around the world are scrambling to find a manufacturer to fill the enormous demand for gel polishes. localletter With CND’s (Creative Nail Design) release of Shellac, and the buzz that CND has generated, surrounding gel polishes. Intrigued salon clients are seeking out this miracle manicure, and salons are now tasked with getting their hands on Shellac or an alternative replacements such as Entity Colour Couture and Gellish.

Gel polish is quickly becoming one of today’s fastest growing nail trends. Fast, quick and easy to apply, soak-off gel polishes such as Shellac has been covered by many news stations, fashion and trade magazines. I love great new products, newspoke and this seems to be one of them. I think as long as any product manufacturer, distributor, and salons are responsible in their distribution of their innovative new products they have my, and many other consumers full support. We in return hope that they pay it forward, and support the salons, and professionals within the industry with educational support and not just marketing materials, topicals and magazine covers.

Where would the world be today without innovation and advancement? How different would the world be without the discovery of nuclear energy? I think most of us don’t mind the use of nuclear energy, not totally mind you, but kinda. But we must be mindful, because with nuclear energy, tbadaily also came the nuclear bomb and all the damage, destruction and fall out that followed.

One persons shining moment of inspiration, may however have opened a Pandora’s box and paved the way for an entire new service in the salon and spa industry, and in the process created a whole new slew of potential problems for clients and salon professionals alike. kulfiy

At first glance, providing a simple manicure that lasts two weeks is nothing short of fantastic. You don’t need a licensed professional to provide this service. You know how we all love, easy to use products and services. But, what happens when something becomes too easy? Think about what would happen to our muscles if we never used them. Our muscles would atrophy, and become weak. pressmagazines So what do you think happens, when salons and spas sacrifice service, skill, and experience for ease of use? I’ll tell you what happens; you could potentially end up with an unlicensed or undereducated service provider (not service professional) performing services and using products they don’t truly understand, due to the fact that their skills have atrophied from lack of use.

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