Things to Consider When Choosing a Tennis Racket

Whether you are a beginner or professional tennis player, mycarscent choosing a tennis racket is never an easy task. There are so many different things to consider before buying a racket. However there are a few key things to take into account.

1. Racket Length and Weight
A traditional tennis racket is between 68cm and 71cm long, akunprorusia yet you can buy rackets up to 74cm long. The longer the racket, the more power you can give to a shot. Most tennis rackets are made from graphite, which is light and suitable for any beginner. Titanium and aluminium rackets are also rather light, semar128 but give a better feel when hitting the ball. Tennis rackets are normally either weighted more at the head or the handle. Players who play at the net normally prefer a handle-heavy racket whereas players who prefer to play at the baseline normally prefer a head-heavy racket. Handle-heavy rackets generally offer more control, verduurzamendeurne however it is harder to generate more spin and power. If you are a beginner you should opt for a head-heavy racket. spintenniscoach

2. String Type and Tension
Most rackets that you buy will be pre-strung with strings at a tension in the middle of the range. This is only recommended for beginners because the strings are not normally of very high quality. The lower the tension the harder you will hit the ball but the less control you will have, ufa88myanmar If you are looking for a string that is softer on the arm then you should consider a synthetic string like Synthetic Gut or Wilson Sensation. Unfortunately these strings break very easily and are rather expensive. A firmer, polyester string such as Volkl Cyclone will last longer and is more suitable for players who have a fast swing and can generate pace of their own. antminet

3. Price
A quality tennis racket is not cheap and advanced players can spend more than $500 on a racket. Beginners should never spend more than $50-$150 dollars on their first racket, crosstrainer-kaufen These rackets are not fully comprised of graphite and are normally suited for players who play every couple of weeks. If you play at least once a week then you should consider buying a racket made of titanium or aluminium, askanadviser but you will have to spend a little more money. Intermediate players should take into account that buying a tennis racket is a long term investment and expect to pay between $150 and $250. sgmytrips


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