Kitchen Remodeling: Design Conceptualization Is the Key

Studies have shown that someone who has a kitchen remodeling project in mind must have planned about it at least a year before its implementation. Having that as a premise, animeloved it means that plans have been laid out as far as remodeling goals, product ideas, functionality issues, kitchen layout and budget are concerned. However, it usually happens that as time clicks by near the execution stage, so many contingencies and choices have to be considered.

Because of your concern towards the environment, you have an inkling towards “greening” your kitchen. If this is what you decide, choices have to be made on what type of environment-friendly materials, products, accessories and cabinets will you buy. When it comes to kitchen appliances like your refrigerator, look for an energy-efficient product with the energy star label on it. Other options will be the use of recycled glass, bterapiaberles recycled aluminum or paper composite for countertops, recycled tiles, cork flooring, compact fluorescent lights, wheat cabinets and hypoallergenic, low VOC paints like the ones from Sherwin Williams. You are also motivated by the fact that a green kitchen remodeling project may entitle you to some tax incentives.

As you near the timetable for your dream kitchen, another critical decision to make is whether you want to it to be a do-it-yourself project to save money on the contractor’s fee. This choice requires critical thinking. It is necessary that you have an intelligent idea on the complexity of what you are getting into. The work requires getting the necessary permits, hiring your subcontractors like the electrician, plumber, kitchen cleaner, etc. It is a really serious job and responsibility to put on your shoulders. Bear in mind that you have to do close monitoring and supervision of the contractual people working under you from start to finish.

In doing a DIY remodeling, break up the work flow to start with preliminary permits, demolition, building and repairing; installation of the plumbing system, electrical system, insulation, wall closing, flooring, countertops, cabinets, sinks and fixtures; and close out the last items such as the final permits, touch ups and clean up. Finalize details and have them accurately documented and encoded in your computer. For more info please visit these sites:-

Various product catalogues of ready made kitchen island, backsplash, cabinet accessories and accents are available for you to get ideas and information. There are many variations of cabinet finishes, countertops, floor tiles, lighting, etc. to choose from. You can navigate all these options using a front-end software like The Kitchen Pond for more design possibilities.

Aside from The Kitchen Pond software, there are also other kitchen space saving design software that you can try. Another source would be books and magazines and the net. Recently, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) co-sponsored a research to track modern trends and patterns used in the kitchen. Based on this study, they came up with 31 guidelines for kitchen efficiency, convenience, traffic spaces, and distances between items, countertops and cabinet space. This can be a big help.

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