The Shag Rug Is Back

In the 60’s and 70’s, the most popular style of carpet seen in homes and apartment buildings were the shag rugs. In the 70’s, it was most often shown in the current color palette of either gold or green. My first apartment had a two toned gold shag rug and I loved it. It was soft and actually quite easy to vacuum. It was so soft and cushiony that more than once, techpiled I stretched out with my head on a floor pillow and promptly feel asleep. For my second apartment, I wound up buying a remnant shag rug in apple green to cover a very bland colored, cold vinyl floor. It gave my studio apartment a great dash of color and much needed warmth. realisticmag

This contemporary rug is different from most pile area rugs. Shag rugs are made of a long material that creates a loop. While most of the pile is trimmed short, the shag is left with long strands to create the soft, cushiony and luxurious feel. It fell out of favor by the 80’s, and it was replaced by neutral colored short pile carpets. By the 90’s, more and more people were switching to wood floors with area rugs, but no shag. mommasays

Now 30 years later, Shag is back with a vengeance. It is available in all types of materials, Wool, nylon, cotton, and even leather. The leather version is made from natural leathers and the pile is made of thick, ruffled strands that create a dense feel. This leather rug would complement the contemporary, hi tech d├ęcor. For the 21st century, shag is available in many more shapes, sizes, and colors. No longer do you have to purchase shag wall to wall, but in a size to give your room color, texture, warmth and a little zing. Imagine having a pink or lavender shag area rug for either a bathroom or little girl’s room. A small yellow rug for your kitchen A rainbow of colors are now available. For more Info please visit these sites:-


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