Brother HL 5040 – Networking is Cheap and Easy With This Small Office Champ

In an improvement on its older sibling, the HL-1440, printing with the Brother HL-5040 Printer is relatively pain-free. That it sells for less than 300 dollars in most instances is a bonus that’s hard to pass up. All-around, the printer is a qualitative jump up over the older model. It comes with paper storage and a better print speed output. It will make a good addition to most any office. sokaworld

The HL-5040 is also fairly easy for most folks to set up. It can work equally as well with either Macs or PCs, so there’s little cause for concern from one camp or the other. That it does so, at the price range it’s in, is impressive. And it comes with numerous instruction guides and manuals on its included CD, where there are links to the Brother website where even more help is available. If it had to, kinmagazine it could work well within a small network on a temporary basis.

Paper capacity is fairly standard at 250 sheets. You can do single-sheet bypass jobs through its manual paper input tray, too. There’s capability for an additional 250 sheets with the addition of an optional paper tray. This bumps the total to 500 sheets, which is adequate for the small office and home office environment. Additionally, an optional Base T 10/100 Ethernet capability can be added on for a nominal charge.

At 8MB of memory, the HL-5040 does its job well enough. It also uses printer driver screens where you can set up tasks from basic all the way to advanced jobs. There’s a support screen, too. The printer allows you to designate things like paper size to be used, and which tray that paper will be taken from. You can also adjust print quality and line up a duplex printing job, if you need it. It’s always best to practice a bit with this unit’s abilities before going full-speed with it. businesschamp

As far as print speed is concerned, the Brother will produce rich graphics pages at around 13 ppm and text products at 14 ppm, for the most part. As far as sub-300 dollar printers go, this is right in the middle of a very competitive playing field. businesssalt

This market segment is known for the quality of the print produced b y units belonging to it, and the HL-5040 doesn’t disappoint. Copies are produced that are clear and crisp. It can also print out drawings and photos that are acceptable and will give no cause for complaint from a small officer owner. For more info please visit these sites:-

There’s a standard 1 year warranty, and that can be extended an additional 2 years for a small charge. This makes a total of 3 years that the printer can be serviced under warranty, which is probably longer than most business people would have the printer around for. Online and telephone tech support is freely available, too.


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