This May Be Your Best Tip in Deciding on Which Employment Agency to Apply To

When deciding on which employment agency to apply to, a useful tip you can use is, find an employment agency that has a direct working relationship with a company. This is a gold mine in getting hired as a perm or temp position. Often, large companies, typically fortune 500 companies or companies that may have a high turnover rate, or the company just recently moved their company to a new location, will have a direct working relationship with an employment agency. They may even house a small outside employment agency at their company headquarters in order to process the high volume temp/perm positions. These companies will have many different job positions within the company i.e. tech support, accounting, customer service, finance, information systems. drivingschoolintoronto

What you can do is, using the Google search engine, type in the 20 largest employers in your home state. Most likely, they will be telecommunications, insurance, financial companies. They probable will have a division within that company that directly works with an employment agency. Call each of the companies on the top 20 list and when you speak with the secretary, ask that person which employment agency they work with. If she doesn’t know or can’t tell you most likely they will transfer you to their HR department.

This is where you, as a hopeful employee of the company, need to be on your “A” game face whenever you speak with an HR of a company. Talk professionally and be brief, but ask the HR who they may be working with on the employment side. If you get a voice mail I wouldn’t leave a message. The point is, try to find a clever way to find out who the company is working with on the temp/perm employment side. If or when you do find that out, go ahead and apply to that employment agency and tailor your resume to that position and/or company. temp-mail


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