Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment – Maintain Full Erection

You have possibly heard of erectile dysfunction. You could have heard of it from the press, the counseling room or you have colleagues who have suffered the same. You could possibly be the one experiencing it. It can be frustrating, but the good news is that it can be controlled. Erectile dysfunction

To understand erectile dysfunction treatments, we shall first have a brief overview of the causes of this sexual dysfunction;

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It generally refers to a situation where one is unable to maintain full erection suitable for sexual satisfaction. It is most common in men and has at times been associated with old age. However, there are several causes of erectile dysfunction, the most common ones being stress due to fear of malfunction, fatigue and at times due to health conditions like hypertension, cancer and STDs. This should not be taken to mean that everyone with these conditions will experience it. It does mean however, that someone may have erectile problems as a result these factors. As noted earlier, there are treatments available for it. Let us look at them in detail. Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms

Erectile Dysfunctional treatments.

Let us point out at the onset that for any erectile dysfunction treatment to be effective, the person having the problem must believe that it can be solved. In most cases, erectile problems have psychological causes. For example, if a man does not trust in own his ability to satisfy his partner, he may likely experience it. So, the first treatment is to work on your mindset. A man is what he believes in his own mind. If you think you are a sexual failure, then you may have a dysfunction, but if you convince yourself that you can do it, then you will do it. ggongchiri

As a man moves into old age, he often loses trust in his sexual capability. In fact, it is normal for men to have doubts. This shows that you are concerned about the satisfaction of your partner. Young men have also been noted for worrying about such issues as the size of their penis, their understanding of styles of intercourse, and other petty issues which may pre-occupy their minds prior to intercourse, causing stress which may result into sexual dysfunction. Therefore, to solve it, you have to work on your mindset. The first step is to acknowledge the problem, believe it can be solved and above all, trust your ability to function normally. tojange

The other treatment is the cooperation of one’s sexual partner. Women must know that a man may be turned off by commenting at his ability to provide full sexual satisfaction. Nothing is as fragile as the male ego. Very few men can stand putting their sexual ability to question. If a woman makes remarks that seem to mean the man may not fully satisfy her, he is likely not to maintain a full erection due to fear of the same.

In the case where a woman notices that her partner has an erectile problem, she should help him come to full erection by sexually exposing herself, caressing, and re-assuring him of her love. It should be noted that erectile dysfunction is not restricted to men. Even women may experience the problem and in this case the treatment is pretty much the same. The man should not hurry sexual activity until he is convinced his partner is in the mood of having intercourse. Compliments about her beauty can be of help.

Erectile dysfunction treatments are not only behavioral. There are also food supplements which can act as treatments of erectile dysfunction. It has been noted among both health and non-health practitioners that coffee products can be of help. Chewing dry coffee seeds, and drinking regular coffee leaves mixed with hot water and some little sugar can help reduce this sexual dysfunction. ggongtop

Regularly eating fish has also been recommended as an effective treatm ent. The head of a fish has strong nutrients that can help reduce this sexual dysfunction.

In addition to the food items above, regular exercising like jogging, riding, playing soccer, rugby and other vigorous sports activities has also been cited as treatment. Regular exercise releases tension, relaxes the muscles, joints and limps and helps execrate excess sweat and other waste products from the body. This is important in mind relaxation and certainly, maintaining full erection.


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