Tips to Find Great Last Minute Cruises and Deals

So you have a destination in mind, you know what time of year you want to set sail – you have a plan. Well that’s great, the hardest part of booking any cruise holiday is choosing your destination, and the second hardest is actually in the booking. Many people ask me when to book their holiday, do the same rules apply to package holidays as cruise holiday, well, put simply yes, and they do, to a certain extent. cruise booking

The first question you will be asked after choosing your destination is where on the ship you want to stay. Now if you have a cabin in mind with limited availability and you have set your heart on staying there then booking ahead isn’t such a bad idea. You will know where you are staying and you know you will have the best seat in the house, however, if your not too concerned about the location of your cabin th en booking last minute might be the way forward. theprerollguys

Here are my top tips for making a last minute cruise booking…

1. Don’t be too picky about what cabin you want, you are only sleeping there after all, there is plenty to do above deck! meridianshrooms

2. Compare prices on all the latest deals and use this information to get a ball park figure of what you should be paying.

3. Book online and take the hassle out of call queues.

4. If you’re offered an upgrade on a cabin, ensure the ‘special rate’ isn’t just the standard rate; make sure you’re getting the best deal. universalblogs

5. You can get an even better deal if you’re not bothered about your destination.

Well, that’s about it really, not that hard is it! Just following these simple steps can ensure you get a cruise bargain. Oh, and one more thing – enjoy your cruise holiday! slot gator


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