Blown to Bits; The Book Review

One of the most fun business books I have ever read is; Blown to Bits: How the New Economy of Information Transforms Strategy by Philip Evans and I suggest if you want to better understand innovation, barriers to entry and disruptive technologies that you buy this book and read it over thoroughly  boccaccioravello

I always had consider this one of the classics during the 1990’s and it was one of those books that well, let us just say I really did not want my competitors to read or have knowledge of. At the time the book came out our company was one of those fast movers challenging the status quo and we rocked their boat. Personally I would have had it no other way, it was fun, hard work and exciting too. coloradoskihome

Blown to Bits was also the B2B or business-to-business Internet model and at the time America’s largest corporations even with their massive wealth and strong balance sheets were shaking in their shoes. Most of this was their fault due to large inefficiencies, which comes with large bureaucratic companies. For more info please visit these sites :-


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