Is Our Health and Success Really Shaped By Our Genes?

Have you made yourself a victim of heredity? Do you believe that your life is predetermined by your gene pool and you have little if any control over what happens to your health? If so, you’re not alone. This common, current belief is called “Genetic Determinism” and big pharmaceutical companies have a huge stake in it. genee

Blaming our genes for being overweight, unhealthy and mentally challenged/depressed is a favored way of excusing and convincing ourselves that we can’t do anything about the conditions we currently find ourselves in – that our genes are to blame.

Unfortunately, we’re living a lie.¬†Pointing fingers outside of ourselves will never be the answer to changing and improving our lives. This type of attitude does nothing but make us irresponsible.

Continuing genetic research reveals a different story. Genes are not fixed and set when we’re first conceived. Genes are mutable and changeable putting us in full control and making us responsible for our mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual health.

Epigenetics is a new science that studies genes. This promising science studies cellular and physiological traits that are responsible for turning gene switches on and off, defining how our cells read those genes.

Our lifestyle habits are the real controlling switches when it comes to how our genes act. Our thought processes (positive or negative), choice of foods, toxins (chemicals and pesticides), stress, exercise and destructive substances we expose our bodies such as tobacco all play major roles in pushing our gene switches towards health or away from it.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned stem cell biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief,” and “Spontaneous Evolution,” examined the principles of quantum physics and how it could be integrated into understanding how cells process information.

His research revealed that “the outer layer of the cell is essentially an organic computer chip that operated like the brain of the cell.” He discovered that the environment, which operated through the membrane, was empowered to turn genes on and off, essentially controlling the behavior and physiology of the cell.

Epigenetics empowers us and reveals that we are simply an extension of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, toxic substances, exercise (or lack thereof). Everything we put into our bodies counts. We’re not just a biological machine as Newtonian science would have us believe.

We are not controlled by genetic makeup. Whatever genes are turned on or off is primarily determined by our perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and actions!

These rapid advances in understanding how our genes operate and affect our bodies and our health have proven to be a huge blessing and allowed us to proactively beat diseases like cancer, lose unwanted body weight/fat we thought we destined to hang onto, and a boost in overall health. stylowakobieta

Bottom line: We are not a victim to our genes, unless we choose to be.

Our genetic traits are controlled and expressed by paying attention to our thoughts and altering our environment and our diet to include the right foods. It’s called preventive medicine. A healthy, active lifestyle, positive mental attitude and limited exposure to toxins encourages our genes to express positive, disease fighting behaviors.

It’s time to drop the victim mentality and the “I can’t change it so why try” attitude and ta


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