6 Ways to Make Your Puppy Comfortable

If you are considering bringing a puppy home and have never done it before, there are some important things you need to know. A puppy is a new member in your household and therefore needs your care and attention just like another human member in your home. nahls

The pup has just left its family and is going to be lonely. So whenever it is awake it will seek company and a caring touch. If you are not able to provide these crucial elements and of course food and water, maybe you need to reschedule the ‘bringing home’ event.

Consider doing some research about the right attitude and other nitty gritties about owning a puppy while you wait. One thing you can expect from a new pup is restlessness and whimpering. You can minimize the pup’s discomfort. Let’s take a look at how.

1st way to make puppy comfortable: Do not bring a pup which is less than 2 months old. The pup needs to be with its mother until it is two months old. It needs the nourishment, the security and the sense of identity that comes from being nursed by its mother. Messipoker

2nd way to make puppy comfortable: The means of transport: It’s a pup remember so treat it tenderly. Bring it home as comfortably as possible. Prepare a basket with a cushion, cloth and some chewable doggy toys. Put the pup in it. Make sure you caress the pup’s head every once in a while during the journey. Talk to it. It will whimper for sure, but your soothing voice will calm it down.

3rd way to make puppy comfortable: Carry the pup around your home. Introduce it to the rest of your family. Let them and the pup get acquainted with each other. Let the pup down and look out for it when it goes exploring. Gently but firmly stop it from doing things that are unacceptable in your household. preferablepups

4th way to make puppy comfortable: Prepare its corner/basket/bed in a cosy place in the house. Take similar care in setting up its place as you did when you prepared the basket to bring it home. The place depends on the rules of your house. Some people prefer to take the pup to their bedroom; others would rather have it in their living room, etc.

No matter where you put it, your task is to look out for it every once in a while, caress it, talk to it (maybe you could name it right away), take it out whenever you think it might need to relieve itself and so on…

5th way to make puppy comfortable: Give the puppy a bowl of milk and some water in a separate bowl. Keep these next to the basket. Coax the pup to drink up. If the pup does not drink at all, you might want to use a dropper to feed it some milk and water.

You might also try giving it something semi-solid, like bread soaked in milk. Keep the quantity small. Feeding it too much might cause an upset stomach, after all the pup may not have had anything other than its mother’s milk.

6th way to make puppy comfortable: The pup will need to relieve itself in the night as well. It may not be possible for you to step out of your house in the dead of the night for the sake of the puppy. There’s a way out.


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