Beat Metabolic Syndrome to Boost Weight Loss

A sluggish metabolism can make losing weight a losing battle. If you have dieted to abject hunger, exercised to exhaustion, found yourself unable to resist the foods you crave, and tried everything to with disappointing results you may be a victim of ‘metabolic syndrome.’ Before you despair learn proven methods for boosting your metabolic rate. There are ways to increase your body’s fat burning and muscle building capacity. Here we will explore supplements, infrared technology, prescription remedies, cruise booking methods for beating the dreaded ‘metabolic syndrome’ that has you and thousands of dieters stymied in their journey to svelte status. The solutions contained here are simple but not always easy. However, anything has to be easier than the path you have been on to failure in your attempts to lose weight.

Based on my own experiences and feedback from others these past 10 years I have come to believe there is an near epidemic agenzia web marketing roma of low metabolism afoot. Low metabolic rate can be due to a low thyroid condition. This is a problem affecting thousands and thousands of individuals and most go undiagnosed as they struggle to lose weight and find the energy to make it through the day. In addition to fatigue and weight gain (or difficulty losing existing weight) this can cause depression, dry, rough skin, hair loss, constipation, a predisposition to ovarian cysts, and a predisposition to carpal tunnel syndrome. The problem here is that diagnosis is difficult in many cases. Those who have a primary hypothyroidism are easily identified with lab tests. But many who suffer are not of this variety and the lab work looks ‘just fine.’ So, ageniza comunicazione bologna the well meaning physician tells their patient their thyroid is fine and sends them on their way wondering if it is ‘all in their head.’ Individuals with this subclinical type of low thyroid tend to have enough thyroid hormone circulating in their system (hence the normal lab work) but the hormone present is not getting to the cells that need it for energy in a form which can be used. Finding a physician who is willing to think outside the box and diagnose and prescribe based on clinical presentation can be a godsend. Mine actually draws labs and prescribes a very old drug, Armour Thyroid, for me. He is of the opinion that if my TSH (a simple thyroid lab test) is not out of the normals there is no reason to stop the drug and it is safe to raise the dose when symptoms indicate. This has helped in more ways than I can say. After 15 years of trying to convince my doctors that I had low thyroid I found this man and, within a week, my skin had softened, my hair quit falling out, my excess body fat began to come off, and my carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared. When speaking of treating low thyroid conditions I would be remiss if I did not mention two substances you should avoid. They are soy and flouride. Both suppress the thyroid and both can be eliminated from our lives without any ill effects.

Next in our arsenal are the techniques for regulating blood sugar. Insulin resistance is becoming the accepted term for ‘metabolic syndrome.’ This is because people with this syndrome are caught in a cycle of eating which increases their blood sugar, secreting insulin to lower their blood sugar, becoming hungry when the blood sugar plunges, eating again, and so on and on and on. Regulating the blood sugar is the key to controlling sugar and carbohydrate cravings. First on the list of solutions is cutting the carbs (and sugar) and eating a diet high in protein. High quality proteins such as meat and eggs along with low glycemic green vegetables (raw if possible) should make up the bulk of the food intake. A typical restaurant meal would be a steak or chicken breast with a salad with a high fat salad dressing like ranch or blue cheese. An oil and vinegar would also be acceptable. Skip the potato. If you are a committed vegetarian use a good whey protein powder supplement as the mainstay of your diet. Do not concentrate on cutting fat. Fats keep us from feeling hungry and without the carbohydrates to react with them, they do not lead to all the horrors we have been led to believe. In fact not one study, verified members la until a few years ago, ever linked dietary intake of fat to cholesterol levels. A few years back there was a link found between transfats and increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Transfats are the ones found in baked goods containing the supposedly good unsaturated vegetable oils. You know, the stuff everyone started using because the animal fat was supposed to be bad for us? Physiologically, it is possible to eat carbohydrates (and I don’t mean a whole chocolate cake, here) every other day and lose weight. I won’t go into the whole physiological process behind this, just suffice it to say this works. Consume mostly protein and raw veges one day and then add in some reasonable carbs on alternating days. I would start this after a period of about a week on a mostly protein diet. If you can’t stand the thought of life without a quart of ice cream for dinner, choose one of your carb allowed days per week in which to indulge this desire.

Now for the supplements. Two supplements have emerged as leaders in the fight to control blood sugar levels. They are Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cinnamon. Alpha Lipoic Acid is actually a first line drug for diabetes in Germany. It controls the blood sugar, increases fat burning and muscle building capacity, and is an excellent detoxifier to boot. I am also impressed with Cinnamon’s ability to regulate blood sugar and, thereby, reduce cravings. It also has very good digestive properties and can cut down on a lot of GI distress. I take both of these. I prefer the R-fraction form of Alpha Lipoic Acid but, if you opt for this, find a reputable manufacturer who is producing a stabilized form. Acetly-L-Carnitine is an amino acid which also increases to body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle. Many other supplements are useful for our health but these are the big 3 in treating metabolic problems. Worth mentioning is also virgin coconut oil which does stimulate the thyroid. So, cake labs if you haven’t found a doctor to address the thyroid concern lay in a supply of this stuff and ingest 3-4 tablespoons of it per day. I use it to cook and eat it straight from the jar a lot of the time.

Last I want to address the use of far infrared saunas. Recently I have read up on near infrared saunas and feel this applies to them also but my experience is with the far infrared saunas and I can attest to their effectiveness. The use of a far infrared sauna will increase the metabolic rate. This means that whatever exercise you do will be far more effective than if you did not use the sauna. The infrared waves penetrate into the body and help clear out toxins which are responsible for holding fat and cellulite in the body. They also can directly melt some amount of fat to be disposed of by the body. Many medical and day spas have one available for use for a fee or they can be purchased for a price which is worth it over the long term.




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